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#SDCC2022 - AMC'S The Walking Dead Universe

What's up Basement Dwellers?!? The Dace Man back with more comic-con news from Friday's panels. AMC's Walking Dead franchise was the heavy hitter yesterday in Hall H as they brought you sneak peaks into the final episodes of The Walking Dead, a first look at the upcoming Walking Dead anthology series and an update on those seemingly never to be made Rick Grimes Movies.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

First up we have a look at the final episodes from Part three of the Final Season of The Walking Dead on AMC. The Final Episodes return October 2nd 2022 and will feature the battle between Alexandria & The Resistance versus the Common Wealth. Since the series is way off course in regards to the comics cannon, I personally have no clue how this thing will end. The only inclination that Alexandria will be triumphant is AMC's inability to withhold announcements about upcoming projects. Knowing that Negan, Daryl, Maggie and Carol all have up coming spin offs it's safe to say they make it to the end...however for the likes of Ezekiel, Aaron and Gabriel...their fates remain a mystery. Check out the trailer below!

Tales of The Walking Dead

In a series that will follow individuals and their stories per episodes, Tales of The Walking Dead premiers August 14th. Each episode will deep dive into new and old characters exploring select time periods throughout the Walking Dead Universe. Some fan favorites like Alpha, before she was Alpha, will return as well as new characters played by the likes of Terry Crews and Olivia Munn! Check out the trailer below.

Rick Grimes Story isn't over.

The Long awaited Rick Grimes Movies finally has traction....traction into a garbage can as they are no longer happening. However Andrew Lincoln made a surprise appearance at the final Walking Dead panel in Hall H to announce in 2023 Rick would be making a comeback to the small screen in a limited series that will show what the hell Mr. Grimes has been up to. A second surprise occurred at the panel when Danai Gurira joined Andrew on stage to announce Michonne would also be returning for the limited series. Are you excited Rick's story will finally get its screen time after his exist in 2018?

Below you can check out an exclusive look at The Walking Dead at Comic Con as the main series celebrates it's final hoorah!

Are you excited for the ever expanding Walking Dead Universe? How about the main series coming to a conclusion this fall? Tune in for all things Comic-Con related here at Basement Protocol!


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