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Original series


The 4 Reel Movie Club

The 4 Reel Movie Club collects a group of hosts from across Basement Protocol Productions and have them discuss 4 movies within a theme on a monthly basis. Episodes hosted by The Dace Man, Tricia Bell and Cheever.

The D-List.png

The D-List

The crew at Basement Protocol Productions rank various categories as they compile what they feel is the ultimate list!

Voice Over by The Dace Man

Musically Challenged.png

Musically Challenged

Hell bent on launching his music career, Dace seeks out the infamous producer Beeve Stannon. What did Beeve think of Dace's debut rap album; Kindergarten Rap God?

Franks For Everything.png

Franks For Everything

In the a world that makes little to no sense, Frank Ward and Frank Cline try to make sense of it for you. Well they try their damnedest to make sense of it even if they don't understand it fully them self.

Fictional Corruption.png

Fictional Corruption

It is a well documented fact that Gibby has issues with reading and speaking...ok I guess just existing in general. Gibby decides to put on his captains gear (yeah we were surprised he had it to) and try to read to children... we're sorry.

The Duel.png

The Duel

Various hosts from Basement Protocol Production go head to head in a dbate like style to argue what is the best and in some cases who/what would win in a fight.

The Dace Man Show Daily Download.png

The Daily Download

A series from The Dace Man Show that broke down the hottest topics of the day that were trending on twitter. In some instances The team did unboxing videos on the Daily Download if it was a slow news day.

The Factly Man.png

The Factly Man

A misguided man with misguided information. The Dace Man makes outrages proclamations as Chris Bompadre tries to explain what exactly he was talking about.

Channel Surfing.png

Channel Surfing

On this weekly segment various hosts broke down their favorite TV shows and recap and review them for you in a world that is to fast paced to keep up with the content.

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