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The Jersey Bullies formed in March 2020 when Erik Burruezo and Tyler Fried joined forces to give you their hot take on all things sports in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. The duo talk weekly about all things 76ers, Flyers, Phillies and Eagles! Their conversations cover topics such as recently played games, organizational moves and the future of their favorite teams. Occasionally the pair welcome guests from around the Basement Protocol team, to discuss their favorite teams and their opinions on the season.

Where to Listen:


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Erik Burruezo

Erik has been a sports fan his whole life with a passion in Philly sports, so unfortunately, he's been through many years of heartbreak.


Having only seen 2 championships in his lifetime and whenever he's not yelling at the TV, because of a terrible play or coaches decision, He's texting or tweeting about it, especially to his cohost Tyler.


In 2020, Erik decided to try and reach more people and get more interaction by starting The Jersey Bullies podcast. On top of starting his own podcast he is also the Social Media Specialist for Basement Protocol Productions

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Tyler Fried


Tyler has been searching for his Dad for years. Losing hope in the search he became an understudy of the group at a young age.

He’s always been in the background for Basement Protocol but finally made his presence felt when he joined the Protocol back in 2017 for the Dacetacular Gaming for a Cause V, since then Tyler has been a key presence at the annual charity event.

2020, however, was the year he finally got more involved when he became the co-host of The Jersey Bullies. In 2021 he stepped up even more for BPP and  is their current Production Manager of Podcasts!

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