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The Dace Man Show: The Next Generation was kicked off in the Fall of 2020. Justin Dace Jr. was listening to the original Dace Man Show and realized he had a lot to say about what his uncle talked about on a weekly basis. Fast Forward to 2021 and Junior is now calling the shots on his own podcast, with his own terms and his own style.

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Chris "The Dace Man" Dace

The one and only Dace Man from the original podcast The Dace Man Show, decided that not all things last forever.

After 8 years of running his own podcast he realized he needed to look to future generations to carry on the legacy. Mainly it was the 24 hour Game-a-thon that was whooping his butt each year.

The Dace Man joins The Dace Man Show: The Next Generation as the co-host and second seat to his nephew Justin as he tries to show him the ropes in the world of podcasting.

TDMS TNG Personalities - Junior.png
Justin "Junior" Dace Jr.

The next generation has arrived.

Justin Dace Jr., affectionally called Junior, has a million opinions about a million topics and isn't afraid to share them.

Bugging his Uncle to break him into the business, Junior takes the steering wheel of The Dace Man Show: The Next Generation to tell Uncle Chris how it really is.

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