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Jarrett Edelman

Production Manager: Live Streams

Jarrett originally joined the team in March 2020, securing a talent spot on Thursday nights with his own brand, Jarriott Games. In the position of Production Manager: Live Streams, Jarrett will be tasked with revamping the Basement Protocol Twitch channel as well as overseeing the weekly schedule starting in 2021. Jarrett will bring his knowledge and skill in graphic design to help customize and properly brand the streams that will be airing in 2021 and onward.

Tyler Fried

Production Manager: Podcasts

Tyler first joined Basement Protocol Productions as the host and founding member of The Jersey Bullies podcast. As Production Manager: Podcasts, Tyler will over see the scheduling, recording and uploading of Basement Protocol Production's Podcast franchises. In addition to overseeing existing podcasts, Tyler will be task with creating new shows and recruiting new talent to host and co-host on the various projects

Tyler - BPP Position.png
BPP Position Opening.png

To Be Determined

Production Manager: Scripted Content

Katie Rayburn

Director of Charitable Events & Senior Copy Editor

Katie has been the driving force behind the annual Dacetacular Gaming for a Cause event and its ever-growing success. As Director of Charitable Events, Katie will still be heavily involved with the Dacetacular Gaming for a Cause, in addition to any other charitable events Basement Protocol Productions may host or participate in. Katie has also agreed to be our Senior Copy Editor, overseeing and reviewing posts made to our social media accounts, website, and written articles.

Katie Rayburn - BPP Position.png
Erik Burruezo - BPP Position.png

Erik Burruezo

Social Media Specalist

Erik first joined Basement Protocol Productions as the host and founding member of The Jersey Bullies podcast. As Social Media Specialist, Erik will assume managing duties of all Basement Protocol Production's social media accounts starting in 2021. With help from the Production Managers and Senior Copy Editor, Erik will oversee our social media accounts and increase their level of engagement with viewers.

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