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Chris Dace has been The Dace Man for almost 2 decades. As The Dace Man, he's traveled all of North America, had a run as a stage actor, hosted several podcasts, ran an annual gaming charity and even took a crack at being a sports entertainer! Now he just want's to be Chris Dace. Join Chris as he looks back at his life inside the wrestling ring, on the stage and every where on the internet, with weekly episodes giving you a front seat into the crazy Dacetacular Mind of Chris Dace. He'll give you hot takes on what was going through his mind at certain junctions during his search for fame as well as life lessons he's learned along the way!

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Chris "The Dace Man" Dace

The host and founder of The Dace Man Show. From the very beginning of the sad bedroom video series of The Dace Man Show in 2006 all the way up to the third relaunch in 2013,

Chris Dace has been the centerpiece of madness that invades the internet on a weekly basis. Seeking an outlet to break down the world of nerd with fellow fan boys of the specific franchises, he sought to create a new podcast series outside of the Tuesday Night Madness of The Dace Man Show.

In May of 2021, Chris launched A Dacetacular Mind to give you a podcast that leaves the world of 'The Dace Man' and enters into every day life of Chris Dace.

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