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Chris "The Dace Man" Dace

The host and founder of The Dace Man Show. From the very beginning of the sad bedroom video series of The Dace Man Show in 2006 all the way up to the third relaunch in 2013, Chris Dace has been the centerpiece of madness that invades the internet on a weekly basis. A former sports entertainer as well as a trained theatre and commercial actor, The Dace Man brings his unique blend of dark and quick wit to wrangle up a gaggle of co-hosts to break down all topics Pop Culture.

Brian "Gibby" Gibson

The partner in crime The Dace Man has always had by his side. Joining the show and never leaving since episode three, Gibby has been the Yin to Dace's Yang. Helping usher in the age of Gaming on The Dace Man Show, Gibby provides an abundance of gaming and Star Wars, but don't go any where near any other form of entertainment because he will get lost.

Gibby - The Dace Man Show Roster Pic.png
Frank W- The Dace Man Show Roster

Frank Ward

The Official Drifter of The Dace Man Show. Frank was a staple of the show for many years, even hosting the show a handful of times with a one-off where he ran the show solo (something The Dace Man has only done once him self as well). Frank these days comes and goes to the show when ever his wondering gets to boring to this day the world waits patiently to see if he will ever return to his corner... we hear the penguin is rather lonely.

Paul "Cheever" Ranck

The newly anointed  Producer of The Dace Man Show, they even built him a desk set up and all. Cheever is an occasional co-host that jumps in when the gaming action gets hot and The Dace Man gets lost in the Gibby speak. Cheever has signed on though to be the man behind the scenes as The Dace Man Show says goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021

Cheever - The Dace Man Show Roster Pic.p
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